Child Care                       DO YOU NEED HELP WITH DAYCARE EXPENSES?

Day care subsidies are issued to low income families and temporary assistance recipients to enable them to afford child care and continue employment.


You may be eligible for help to pay for registered or non-registered daycare services.
If your child is:

  • under 13 years of age
  • under 18 years of age and is a child with special needs/disability

New York State Child Care Block Grant Program may be able to help.
Families are eligible for daycare subsidy assistance if they meet the state's low income guidelines and need child care to: 

  • work
  • look for work
  • attend employment training
  • attend GED classes
  • attend college full time for a 2 year degree program
  • attend a training program licensed by the State Education Department

Income Guidelines:

Family Size  Monthly Income 
 1 $1,945
 2 $2,622 
 3 $3,298 
 4 $3,975
 5 $4,652
 6 $5,328
 7 $6,005
 8 $6,682

If you are interested in finding out if you are eligible for child care subsidy, please contact:

Schuyler County Department of Social Services


Referrals for New York State licensed, registered, or informal child care providers comes from the Child Care Aware of Steuben and Schuyler (previously known as Steuben Child Care Project). Once you obtain a provider and are eligible for the subsidy, you will receive assistance in paying for child care. Eligibility is dependent on income. You may also be eligible for the subsidy if you have a relative or informal provider caring for your children.