Adult, Child and Family Services

Adult Services 

  • Adult Protective Services (APS) provide essential services to adults 18 and over who have no one willing or available to assist them responsibly
  • These services may include: Investigations of abuse and neglect, assessment of personal care, financial management assistance with MA/SNAP/TA/HEAP, assistance with home management services, and/or assistance with clients and their families with placement matters such as assisted living or long term care.

Child Protective Services

  • CPS is responsible for carrying out the protective duties for children less than 18 years of age suspected of being or proven to be abused, neglected, or maltreated. 
  • The case workers work with the Court, Service Providers, Schools, and Relatives and Law Enforcement (as needed).

Report Suspected Abuse or Maltreatment
The State Central Registry of Child Abuse and Maltreatment, located in Albany, may be called toll free at 1-800-342-3720, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report suspected abuse or maltreatment.

Foster Care/Preventative/Ongoing & Adoption Unit


Foster Care Services

Foster care- Children who are under the age of 18 may be placed in foster care for reasons such as:

  • Voluntary transfer of care and custody agreement to LDSS.
  • Result of child protective case.
  • Family Court finds that a child is a person in need of supervision or a juvenile delinquent.An individual permanency plan is developed for each child to reunite them with the biological family (parents or relative) as soon as safe. If this objective is not accomplished within one year, alternate plans may be necessary to either free them for adoption or prepare them to live independently after foster care.

Preventative/Ongoing Services

Provide families with children who are at risk of foster care placement. The goal is to support, strengthen, and preserve the family unit, to reduce the risk of maltreatment and insure the safety of the child.

Adoption/Home Finding

  • Legally freeing children through the court system for adopting
  • Preparing (training) adoptive families
  • Placing adoptive children in permanent (forever) homes
  • Supervising and supporting the families until finalization in court
  • Schuyler County Children & Family Services works cohesively with Glove House to insure quality delivery of services, For more information visit:


Post Adoption Services

AGAPE of Central NY
(607) 272-0034
24/7 Helpline – (888)-354-1342

Glove House Homefinding (Schuyler County Branch)


Servicios posteriores a la adopción

AGAPE de Central NY
(607) 272-0034
Línea de ayuda 24/7 – (888)-354-1342
Correo electrónico:

Glove House Homefinding (Sucursal del Condado de Schuyler)


Servizi post adozione

AGAPE di Central NY
(607) 272-0034
Helpline 24/7 – (888)-354-1342

Glove House Homefinding (Schuyler County Branch)



(607) 272-0034



Services post-adoption

AGAPE du centre de New York
(607) 272-0034
Ligne d’assistance 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7 – (888)-354-1342
Courriel :

Glove House Homefinding (succursale du comté de Schuyler)


Post Adoption Services

AGAPE of Central NY
(607) 272-0034
24/7 Helpline – (888)-354-1342

Glove House Homefinding (Schuyler County Branch)

خدمات ما بعد التبني

 1. AGAPE من وسط نيويورك
(607) 0034-272
24/7 خط المساعدة – (888)-354-1342
البريد الإلكتروني:

.2 جلوف هاوس هوم فاينينج (فرع مقاطعة شويلر)


입양 서비스

1. 센트럴 뉴욕의 아가페
(607) 272-0034
24/7 헬프 라인 - (888) -354-1342

2. 글러브 하우스 홈찾기 (슈일러 카운티 지부)

Услуги после усыновления

1. AGAPE Центрального Нью-Йорка
(607) 272-0034
Телефон доверия 24/7 – (888)-354-1342
Электронная почта:

2. Glove House Homefinding (филиал округа Шуйлер)


1. AGAPE von Central NY
(607) 272-0034
24/7 Helpline – (888)-354-1342

2. Glove House Homefinding (Schuyler County Branch)

Usługi poadoptacyjne

1. AGAPE z Central NY
(607) 272-0034
Infolinia 24/7 – (888)-354-1342

2. Glove House Homefinding (Oddział Hrabstwa Schuyler)

পোস্ট দত্তক সেবা

1. কেন্দ্রীয় NY এর AGAPE
(607) 272-0034
২৪/৭ হেল্পলাইন – (৮৮৮)-৩৫৪-১৩৪২

2. Glove House Homefinding (Schuyler County Branch)

Post Sèvis Adopsyon

1. AGAPE nan Santral NY
(607) 272-0034
24/ 7 Liy Èd - (888)-354-1342

2. Glove House Homefinding (Schuyler County Branch)

Kinship Care 

Sometimes a child cannot live safely with their parents. Relatives or friends of the family may then provide full time care to the child in the relative or family friend's home. This is known as kinship care.

This can be done informally by the family, or formally by Family Court when the local child welfare agency is involved in a child protective case.

There are several different kinds of kinship care, with varying levels of obligation and financial help

If you have questions about kinship care visit or call 1 (800) 345-KIDS (5437)

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