Lead Poisoning Prevention

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Great progress has been made, but lead is still a threat to many children. Schuyler County Public Health is committed to the Healthy People 2020 goals of eliminating blood lead levels ≥ 10 µg/dL. Schuyler County Public Health accomplishes this goal through the following:
  • Lead Education Awareness Week Activities
  • Lead Education Presentations to Schuyler County businesses and residents
  • Collaborate with Primary Care providers to increase the testing rates of pregnant women and one year and two year old children.
  • Arrange blood lead testing for children in the county
  • Work with Environmental Health, Hornell District office with monitoring high-risk populations.
Schuyler County Public Health works with regional and state partners to reach it's goal. New York State Department of Health has strong programs, plans and laws working to prevent childhood lead poisoning statewide. These programs also help those children who have lead poisoning. The Advisory Council on Lead Poisoning Prevention provides guidance to the New York
State Department of Health concerning development of these programs, plans, and laws.

Resources on Preventing Lead Poisoning

New York State Department of Health: Lead Poisoning Prevention Resources

Lead Safe America

Western New York Lead Poisoning Resource Center

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