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Appointment-Only Rabies Clinic Registration

  1. Please fill in all fields to register for the upcoming appointment-only rabies clinic. Those who do not register will have to attend the next clinic. After you register, you will be contacted by our office with your appointment time. When you come to the clinic, please:

  2. -Come at your assigned time to allow for social distancing and traffic flow. Do NOT arrive early.

  3. -Only attend with as many people are needed to control your animal(s). Please do not bring children or extra family members.

  4. -Wear a mask or other cloth face covering.

  5. -Bring dogs on leash and cats in carriers.

  6. -Bring proof of prior rabies vaccination, if available.

  7. -Bring your assigned number and time slot.

  8. Owner Information

    Please fill in all the below fields to register:

  9. Will you be bringing multiple pets in your vehicle?*

    If you are bringing multiple pets in your vehicle, please select yes. You will need to submit a separate registration form for each pet. Please use the same owner name for all the pets so we can make sure they are scheduled at the same time.

  10. Pet Information

    You must submit a separate registration form for each pet you are bringing to the clinic.

  11. Species*

  12. Sex*

  13. Age*

  14. Size*

  15. Spayed/Neutered*

  16. Please upload a copy/picture of any prior rabies certificate for this animal to allow for a 3-year vaccination certificate.

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