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Posted on: June 8, 2021

Daily COVID-19 Update for 06/08/2021

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There are 2 new cases to report since our last update. Visit our dashboard at for demographic information of positive cases, 7-day average percentage positive, trends, vaccine tracking, and more.

Total cases

New cases

Active cases 

Active deemed positive

Currently hospitalized

Total recovered


Quarantined Contacts









Schuyler County COVID-19 Update FAQs

Are the people noted in the update the only people in the County with COVID-19?

Our updates only include individuals who have been tested for COVID-19. There are almost certainly other people with COVID-19 in the community who haven’t been tested and have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. That’s why it is important we all continue to wear masks, social distance, wash our hands often, and monitor ourselves for any symptoms of COVID-19.

What do the different categories in the update mean?

  • Total cases includes the total number of people residing in Schuyler County who have tested positive since the first case in the County occurred back in March 2020.
  • New cases includes new positive test results our department received since our last update occurred.
  • Active cases includes individuals who are considered actively contagious with COVID-19. These individuals are typically in Isolation at home and receive check-ins from our staff to see how their symptoms are doing and to make sure they have what they need to stay home for the duration of their Isolation. They could also be in a hospital or other facility.
  • Active deemed positive includes people who do not have a positive COVID-19 test result, but the facts and circumstances strongly indicate they are currently contagious with COVID-19 and we are treating them as a positive case in terms of placing them in Isolation and conducting contact tracing. This may happen if an individual is in a household with someone else who tested positive for COVID-19, is experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, and they are not planning to get tested.
  • Currently hospitalized includes individuals who tested positive that are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19. This includes people receiving care at both in- and out-of-county hospitals.
  • Total recovered includes the total number of people who tested positive for COVID-19 who have been released from Isolation, based on criteria set by the New York State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Individuals are released from isolation once all three of the following happen: it has been 10 or more days since their symptoms started, their symptoms have improved significantly (some symptoms such as a slight cough may continue for a while after they have recovered), and they have been fever-free for 3 days in a row without a fever-reducing medicine. This is because scientists have found that people with COVID-19 are not contagious once someone meets these criteria. People with more severe illness are kept in isolation for longer than 10 days and are only released once their symptoms have improved significantly. For people without symptoms, they are released from Isolation once it has been 10 days since their test date.
  • Deaths includes individuals residing in Schuyler County who passed away due to COVID-19, even if they passed away at an out-of-county hospital. This number would not include individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 who passed away due to entirely unrelated causes.
  • Quarantined contacts includes people who were identified as close contacts of someone with COVID-19. This would include any people the person lives with and may also include coworkers, friends, or family the person spent time with. These individuals are contacted by the NYS Contact Tracers and are asked to quarantine until it has been 10 days since the last day they were exposed to the person who tested positive. This is because it can take time for someone to develop COVID-19 after they have been exposed to someone contagious with COVID-19.

Why are the numbers Schuyler County reports sometimes different than what New York State reports?

The State’s data includes all positive results that are initially sent to us at Schuyler County Public Health. Sometimes, test results are sent to us and we end up finding out the person does not reside in Schuyler County, so we transfer them to the appropriate county or state. This can also happen the other way with our residents results going to a different county and that county’s health department having to forward them to us. The State’s numbers do not get adjusted for these transfers – they just report the total number of positive results sent to each county each day.

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