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  1. County Pin
  2. Schuyler County

    M. Shawn Rosno - County Administrator & Records Access Officer

  3. 105 Ninth Street, Unit 37
    Watkins Glen, NY 14891
    Phone 607.535.8106

  4. I do hereby apply to the option below, if available, of the following record(s):
  5. *There is no charge for the inspection of documents, however, if duplication is requested, a charge of $.25 per page (up to 9”x14”) or the actual cost to reproduce other records plus postage will be assessed. If documents can be sent electronically, there may not be charges incurred. 

    Requests may be mailed to: 

    Schuyler County Records Access Officer 

    105 Ninth Street, Unit 37 

    Watkins Glen, NY 14891 

    Use of this form is for convenience only, it is not mandatory. 

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